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Creative and adaptive organizational systems support cultures where talent is cultivated and leadership is fostered across the organization. These organizations deliver exceptional services and inspire staff to bring more of themselves into the system.

‚Äč‚ÄčIllustrating Progress is an organizational development consulting practice specializing in the use of creative activities to advance planning and learning processes. We use graphic facilitation to support individual reflection, team-building initiatives and other planning efforts. Using graphic recording, we draw live conversations in order to capture the wisdom and ideas of a group.  We can also use data visualization or visual storytelling to illustrate complex ideas or processes.

Visual storytelling, graphic facilitation and graphic recording can be used together to create a powerful learning experience, engage all participants in a meeting, and result in visuals that can be shared outside of the meeting to help others understand what was discussed. 

Creativity, on-going learning and partnership are core values of this practice. When possible artists are hired from areas served by the clients or meeting conveners to learn more about social change organizing, meeting facilitation in general and graphic facilitation more specifically.